Dolgin Alexander

Date of birth : 17th of January 1961
Education : Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. Speciality – Physics of metals
Academic Degree : PhD (1987)
Academic Status: Professor of Department of Culture Pragmatics at State University Higher School of Economics
Academic Position: President of Research Foundation Culture Pragmatics, Head of the Department of Culture Pragmatics at State University Higher School of Economics.
Scholarly activities: supervisor of Foundation’s researches in Economics and Sociology of Culture.

Takes part in methodological elaborations of Foundation’s trends of research such as:
-Money in culture
-Price in creative industry (arts, luxury, entertainment)
-Axiology and economics of expense
-Copyright protection in information sector
-Effectiveness of culture projects
-Market reflexion mechanisms of culture consumption

Supervisor and concept-manager of Foundation’s experimental ground.
Institute’s of Symbolic Exchange supervisor. Institute’s trends of research are:
-Consumer’s navigation in culture
- Management of spare time liquidity
-Economic classification of cultural goods
-Price formation in culture industries
-Internalization of external effects
-Institutional innovations in regulation of culture markets
-Reward of creative factor in culture production
-Institutional researches of creative industries (performing arts, sport, cinema, fashion)

Initiator and participant interdisciplinary seminars and conferences:
Seminar «Culture and Money: the Second Universum» (December, 2001)
Philosophical seminar «Introduction in the Philosophy of Taste» (February, 2002)
The 4th International scientific conference «Modernization of Russian Economics: social context» (April, 2003)

Research interests: -Price formation in creative industries
-Institutional Economics of information markets

Methodics and organizational activities: Head of the Department of Culture Pragmatics at State University Higher School of Economics. This department is unique for Russian universities, since its academic activities are based on principles of interdisciplinary approach, interaction of various sciences, and a quest for practical applications. Department’s goal is to improve students’ competencies by inclusion into educational process those disciplines which highlight cultural aspects of science, interaction between culture and public policy, sociology, economics.

Directs publishing politics of the Foundation; takes part in working out of Foundation’s publishing program; the Head of Foundation’s editorial board; member of editorial board of following editions:
Philosophy and culture pragmatics magazine Logos
Review and analytic edition Critical Mass (Criticheskaya Massa)
Foundation’s book-series (such authors as Grois, Bourdieu, Zizec were published)

Founder of Open competition for research projects in Economics and Sociology of Culture . Member of expert commission of the competition. The research tendencies of projects are:
-Economic determinants of taste industries
-Nature of prices to cinema tickets
-Rhythms of fashion and copyright of fashion houses
-How much does the view out of the window cost?
-Institutional organization of high-quality watch market

Teaching activities: Author and lector of the course «Economics of Symbolic Exchange». ?ourse lections highlight following problems:
-Conceptions of culture consumption (exspense)
-Institutional Economics of information markets
-Price formation in culture
-Economics and marketing in creative industries
-Economics of cinema
-Economics of watch «haut couture»
-Elite and luxury consumption
-Philosophy and psychology of personal/private time

Public activities: Expert and commentator of culture economics on TV, radio and newspapers. Takes part as consultant in external culture projects and art-forums.

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